About us

For several years, Aviclaim supports consumers on the mainland of Europe with claiming their compensation if there were problems with a flight. When a flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked you might have rights to collect a compensation.

Since February 2005, there is in the European Union a regulation which protects the consumers of mismanagement of the airlines. Till now, airlines impede the requests of consumers to disburse the compensation. And since the authorities are not willing to intervene between the airlines and the consumer companies as Aviclaim exist.

Aviclaim is collecting many claims via a variety of channels. While we deposit a lot of claims at the airlines, they take us more serious compared to single consumers. Besides, if necessary we start a lawsuit against the airline with our experienced lawyers.

We hope that you have no reason to use our services. However, if you had unexpected problems with your flight, we will handle your claim by all means.

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If your flight has been delayed, cancelled or overbooked, please enter your flight details and check if you are entitled to compensation!

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